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What is CHiNGLiSH? 

It is a cross-culture lifestyle brand with no boundaries and a new visual language. As a term, CHiNGLiSH refers to how one speaks, but what if I can express it visually and create something that people can use or wear? 

This is Jeffrey Wang and I am determined to create the ultimate CHiNGLiSH lifestyle. 

The concept of CHiNGLiSH began when I was a kid, growing up between New York and Taipei, I always felt like I was straddling between the clash of two cultures - familiar with both but unable to identify solely with one. This lead me to the constant search of finding a way to communicate my thoughts, lifestyle and experiences of living between cultures. After honing my creative skills at Parsons School of Design, I finally found my creative voice and this lead me down the path which offered me the ability to launch CHiNGLiSH. 

CHiNGLiSH Concept 品牌概念


CHiNGLiSH將會以新東方美學的姿態出現,成為人們日常的最佳風格密碼;更將成為我們傳承給下一代的文化資產。 CHiNGLiSH,不只是從精神價值衍生出的詼諧創意,是一種跨國界、跨文化的新符號,更是一種融合重生,同時又充滿張力的生活態度。

Story of CHiNGLiSH 品牌故事


一個不經世事的野小孩在美國紐約長大,無論孩提時期在紐約成長、中學時期回到台灣、大學時期又回到紐約從Parsons School of Design畢業;每一個人生階段,都經歷著文化的衝突與矛盾過程。最終,在這樣的環境下自然承受並轉化這兩股力量與矛盾,反思著傳統價值的當代切入點,進而將這東西各異的語彙及符號找出融合與進化的新解答,同時也造就了 CHiNGLiSH 的誕生。